Christian Fillinger
“We founded Screver because we were looking for a flexible feedback solution ourselves. One of the founders used different survey tools for his doctoral degree and also thereafter in our company life. At first glance, there were many interesting solutions, however, upon closer inspection, we found none to be all-encompassing or able to adequately meet our needs.

Our goal was therefore to develop an easy-to-use, mobile optimized and high-performance solution that can also generate clear and easy-to-understand reports in real-time. With Screver, we have achieved this and are proud to make this superior customer experience platform available to you.”


The Voice of the CUSTOMER

Measure and influence client motivation on an ongoing basis by applying trend questions - to identify patterns, up- and cross sales potential, to reduce risk of customers 'jumping ship'

The Voice of the EMPLOYEES

Introduce a smart feedback culture along the whole employee lifecycle - to empower your workforce and to improve motivation sentiments overall, within teams, key experts - and before they move on!

Screver Polls & eVoting

Get live feedback from event or meeting participants; or use Screver for your next annual shareholder meeting as a secure and reliable e voting platform (sponsored by Innosuisse / the Seco).

Scrum versus Waterfall

'Waterfall' isn't working for you anymore and you want to become more agile by implementing Scrum as your new ways of working? Track the change and empower your staff accordingly.

Increase Meeting Efficiency

Do you have to participate in too many meetings, which are not well prepared, with vague outcomes? Ask 3 smart questions after every meeting to reduce the time spent by hundreds of hours = more time for Sales, Marketing, R&D.

Your Digital Maturity Level

Are all digital initiatives on track and implemented according to the companies strategic goals? Keep measuring the progress; and take actions if your employees require support / training or experience the change differently.

Control Strategic Projects

Use Screver for weekly feedback loops - i.e. to establish the progress of an ERP or eCommerce implementation or digital transformation initiatives.

Real-time Feedback in Hotels

Don't just ask your guests after check-out for their opinions. Collect their valuable feedback during the stay and improve immediately = better rating and increase in number of returning guests.
Screver supports companies in continuously capturing and analyzing the voice of employees, customers and other stakeholders – in Real-time – ultimately strengthening motivation and loyalty, and thereby revenue / EBIT. In addition, Screver is further used for i.e. voting / polling within management, team, or shareholder meetings.