Real-time – the physics of communication

Real-time – the physics of communication

Most companies operate like a well organised beehive. Strictly arranged structures with one-directional communication and command arrangements. Information flows very well downwards, but much slower and with many obstacles upwards. Therefore, most businesses have difficulties responding to new impulses, employee improvement ideas or customer opinions.

But that was before the modern times. The pandemic situation disturbed the well-organised beehive structure. By sending employees to the home office, one hive became replaced with countless ones. New ways of communication must (and have) develop(ed). There is no simple and linear communication pattern anymore! Now we talk about a widespread group of workers. Physically alone, the hive became the swarm. And we should embrace the swarm qualities and face the new challenges.

While the employees are working in their new surroundings, many unforeseen and new impulses are making their work (life) difficult. And they are far away from their home-base. But a swarm works through excellent communication. Every member can send out impulses to everyone. And the multitude should react in real-time. Just like those marvellous images of huge fish swarms roaming the oceans. Together, define direction and goals, but be able to adapt to a multitude of new impulses.

In the business world, we must on one side retain and work with the impulses provided by the management. Yet, we must also empower the abilities and possibilities of the employees swarm intelligence. That's why we rely on survey technologies. Making the information flow multi dimensional and collect opinions, improvement suggestions and wicket but maybe feasible ideas through feedback - in real-time - at any time.

Let the bits and bytes of company-intel run fast between singular points. As a company, you can listen to the needs and worries of your workforce, and feel them. But you can also implement measures from valuable feedback that originated from your colleagues. Asking and listening is a big part of the 'swarm reaction-time improvement'. All sensors open and sonar listening in and out.

But real-time surveys and real-time questions also demand real-time answers, hopefully actions from the management. Therefore, be prepared - when you touch on a specific notion of the employee journey, you must be able to respond adequately. Don't set-up your survey without formulating possible improvement strategies and targeted activities.

The swarm movement generates a lot of momentum and it is your job to keep it contained and directed. Use clear and thorough processes to capture and analyse your data. An all-in-one and easy to use survey platform gives you the advantage you need.

Make sure you can re-adjust and refocus your research at any given moment / time. Gather as much valuable information as possible and use it for the company's, aka the swarms, best.

So feel the pulse! Be ready to ask! Want to know! Let's Screver.