Every employee needs to be heard

Reshape your employees into an all-star team. With Screver, managers identify existing issues quickly, and foster more effective collaboration with their teams. In return, employee experience improves, productivity increases, and your company becomes a higher performer.

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Employee experience that works

  • Reduce turnover

    Retain your best employees while reducing new hire costs. Dive deeper into the health of your team in real-time and all at your fingertips.

  • Boost performance

    Resolve team issues affecting work efficiency. Screver will help you identify and address them within hours, even minutes.

  • Decrease admin time

    Shorter review cycles means HR and employees spend less time with self-assessments, in fact 50% faster with Screver.

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Today’s norm requires new solutions


of employees feel more exhausted since the COVID-19 outbreak.

As a result, employee health and wellbeing became one of the top priorities for 2021 for the most companies around the world.

Source: Harvard Business Review

Every career is a journey

We help to make that journey exciting for your team and effective for your organization. Optimise employee experience from recruiting to exit.

  • Employer brand attraction
  • Recruiting & pre-hire
  • Onboarding
  • Training & assessment
  • Employee development
  • Retention
  • Exit
  • Advocacy

Ask the right questions at each stage of the employee's lifecycle with Screver. Together, we will capture valuable feedback and support in providing missteps and victories.

Collect honest feedback with anonymous surveys

With complete anonymity, your employees will share the things that really bother them. A true top to bottom team approach is essential since employee engagement is 3X higher when your team sees their manager act on their suggestions.

  • Anonymous surveys launched by a third party builds trust
  • Answer validation with Screver algorithms
  • Animated questions scientifically designed to encourage participation
  • Support from Screver employee experience experts on next actions
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Make data-driven decisions with powerful reports

Arm yourself with real-time data and insights from our dashboards to make better talent and business decisions based on your employees' thoughts.

  • Real-time eNPS and employee drivers dashboard
  • Segments by department, location and employee position
  • Deviations and correlations insights
  • Trends and text replies sentiments
  • Sharing reports within a secure portal
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Replace extensive yearly surveys with automated pulses

Run short pulse surveys to measure engagement of the employees on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

  • Ready-to-launch anonymous 1-minute pulses
  • Science-backed surveys designed by HRs
  • Easy to digest analysis of the various areas of engagement, from psychological safety to diversity
  • Directly respond to employee comments to build trust
  • Reduce HR administrators time load by using templates and our proven approach
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Science-backed templates

Designed by the collaboration of our Screver Employee Experience consultants and HR specialists with backgrounds across diverse industries.

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