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About Company

The Glacier Express – also known as the world’s slowest express train – is the best known scenic train ride in Switzerland. The train connects two major mountain resorts in the central Swiss Alps and offers panoramic wagons, making them one of the most beautiful and well-photographed trains in the world. The company aims not only to transport passengers to their destination but also to deliver an emotional and impressionable experience.

The first Glacier Express made its journey on June 30th, 1930. Around 200 000 passengers travel on the Glacier Express each year.

The Challenge

Before Screver, our client would take traditional paper surveys during trips. The process was sporadic and required a lot of manual labor and time. After the surveys were collected from the passengers, they would later be stored in the office. Weeks later, a marketing team member would make the trip to pick up the surveys. Next, the marketing team would hand off the surveys to the research team who then manually transferred the data onto a spreadsheet. From here it would take up to 6 months to learn of any dissatisfaction from their passengers and their ride.

Glacier Express understood something needed to change.

The Goal

Our goal was to eliminate all manual work and design an automated process of collecting customer feedback in real-time.


Structurally, the project was divided into three phases:


  • Firstly, team Screver developed a concept and tested hypotheses on how to quickly and efficiently implement a feedback management solution.
  • Secondly, the PoC stage began with the creation of an easy-to-answer questionnaire with auto-translation into 10 languages, including Japanese and Mandarin.
  • Finally, we set up a survey and integrated it with the Glacier Express’ Infotainment system for their guests to take on iPads throughout the whole journey.

It’s a privilege to work together with Screver to improve the customer experience in the slowest express train in the world – the Glacier Express.

Jürg Sutter

Product Manager, Glacier Express

Our Solution

When you’re riding one of the world’s most beautiful railroad routes, taking a survey is the last thing on your mind. We needed to develop an impressive survey concept that would be easy to answer, engaging and rich invaluable customer insight. We did just that! Explore how the Glacier Express customer experience solution works today:

To facilitate seamless implementation of the solution and enrich the customer experience, Screver was completed and delivered with a number of tailored features:

Integration with Infotainment System

To survey along the customer journey is critical in a successful feedback management solution. Our development team integrated Screver in the train’s Infotainment system which allowed for the surveys to be shown on monitors alongside the entertainment content, and ask the right questions as the guests navigate and make orders through it.

Auto-translation to 10 Languages

Glacier Express being the most famous train in Switzerland for tourists, it was vital to ask their passengers survey questions in their native language. We analyzed the train’s historical data to identify the most commonly used languages among guests and applied Screver’s advanced auto-translation feature to provide surveys in the guest’s native tongue, even Japanese.

Real-time Dashboards, Analytics, and Notifications

After switching from paper-form surveys to Screver, Glacier Express immediately felt the substantial difference and convenience of analytics. Before Screver, results from satisfaction levels were delayed by days, even weeks after surveys were held. With Screver, Glacier Express can now track all answers in real-time and monitor their auto-created dashboards to track the dynamics (or dynamic data). Today, staff members get an immediate notification with tips on how to improve customer satisfaction.


Glacier Express now has continuous access to real-time analytics and valuable insights with an integrated customer feedback platform. Should the survey taking guest leave negative feedback, staff members get a mobile notification to check what may have upset them and take immediate action if required while they are still on board.

The slowest express train in the world received one of the fastest tools to manage their customer experience all while en route.

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