Make every bit of feedback count

Screver is a real-time Voice of Employee (VoE) and Voice of Customer (VoC) platform which empowers with knowledge and insights, combined with flexible expert advisory service. Captivate, harness, and analyze meaningful opinions you care about.

Turn answers into insightful reports.

Solutions tailored to your goals

  • Employee experience

    Support the well-being of your organization. Meaningful insight into the holistic motivation of your employees. Reduce attrition and cost of new hires, improve retention and performance.

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  • Customer experience

    Dig deep into customer feedback and trends from multiple data streams all in one place. Discover what compels them. Take brand emotion, awareness, and meaning to the next level.

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Solutions that meet your goals

Everything essential to collect feedback from anyone, anywhere, on any device, in real-time.

  • Ask

    • Develop in an easy way well designed surveys with high response rates
    • Save time with expert survey templates
    • Translate automatically into 10+ languages
    • Get anonymous or personalised replies
    • Receive regular feedback with pulse 'check' surveys
    • Launch NPS/eNPS, CSAT and CES programs
  • Analyze

    • Obtain insights to real customer and employee experiences
    • Track the metrics on real-time dashboard and reports
    • Measure your results with science-based benchmarks
    • Get insights from NPS® / eNPS®, CSAT, CES trends
    • Analyse reports on campaigns and impact on ROI
    • Data export and integration into reporting / ERP systems
  • Act

    • React to positive and negative feedbacks
    • Address risks before they become an issue
    • Define and implement improvements along the whole customer journey (re products, services, processes and communication)
    • Focus on benefits that match employee and organizational needs
    • Find and empower your employer brand ambassadors

Discover the power of data

Screver’s analytics helps you understand beyond your customers’ or employees’ habits – all on a single dashboard.

Speak the language of your audience

Ensure that every respondent has a smooth and enjoyable experience. Screver automatically translates your survey in 10+ languages.

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Get closer to your customers

Gain meaningful insight into your audience’s behavior and grow your business with Screver.