Give voice to your customers

Find out how customers really feel about your products or services. Screver’s platform helps you collect feedback at every touchpoint throughout the customer’s journey using a wide range of channels in real-time.

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Intelligent solutions for smart companies

  • Build loyalty

    Reveal the pain points of your audience to create and deliver an experience that makes every customer satisfied.

  • Reduce churn

    Discover why your customers drop off using real-time dashboards. Take necessary data-driven actions.

  • Increase retention

    Predict customer behaviour and engage with your audience before they leave. Get valuable insights at every stage of the customer journey.

Do you know your customers?

It's not enough to have only a helicopter view of understanding your audience's attitudes. Screver will reveal your customers' true thoughts and feelings, turning your CX into a fail-safe profit generator tool.





80% of companies believe they are providing a superior customer service

only 8% of customers agree

Source: Bain & Company

Collect data through every possible channel

Every touchpoint with your customer is a source of knowledge. Integrate Screver into your CRM to receive details and insights you didn't know you had.




  • SMS



Get honest and valid feedback

Use every opportunity to ask the right questions to the right people in the right way

  • Short event triggered surveys
  • Interactive animated questions
  • Answer validation with Screver algorithms
  • Anonymous or personalised surveys
  • Auto translation into 10+ languages
  • Intuitive flow logic
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Get insights with real-time dashboards

Increase visibility into your customer experience for every team and unit involved in this process. Screver's customizable dashboards provide organizations with detailed statistics and help process information from customers more efficiently. It saves time as well as improves your bottom line.

  • Pre-configured dashboards
  • Integrated Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) or Customer Effort Score (CES)
  • Custom reports with filters, e.g. sales regions or departments
  • Correlations and deviations insights
  • Data export via PDF, PowerPoint and Excel
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Empower your team to act immediately on feedback

Screver automatically alerts you if something goes wrong with your customer experience. Such as increased negative feedback, problems with the service, or just an angry comment from the customer – be aware of all impactful events and take instant actions.

  • Notification to marketing, sales, or other teams about anomalies in real-time
  • Immediate alerts when experience and trends change
  • Custom conditions-based notifications
  • Flexible API to push feedback data where you need it
  • Consulting from our customer experience experts about next actions
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