How does working in pharma make you feel?

About Company

As one of the leading global healthcare providers, this company produces innovative medicines, vaccines, therapies, as well as animal health products. In Switzerland alone, the pharmaceutical company has around 1,000 employees.

The Challenge

The company already had huge surveys to find out how content the employees truly are. Yet as everybody hates to answer long questions the plan was to build a user-friendly but still insightful survey that people would actually enjoy taking. For that, it’s imperative to build a solid basis of trust first.

How Can Screver Work This Out?

  • Find out about individual needs and problems;
  • Define how feedback can be given freely and at any time;
  • Create a concept of a constant feedback solution;
  • Evaluate the possibilities to improve employee engagement;
  • Build a virtual place where everyone can provide feedback.

Co-creating this employee experience together with the Screver team was a great progress towards understanding basic needs of our MSD employees and the Screver Software helped us to analyze the data and then take appropriate actions to improve.

Michal Myszkowski

Customer Experience Director, MER Region, MSD

Our Solution

Fortunately, we had already worked with this customer on a number of projects. So we knew the people and their wishes to improve. In the course of this collaboration, we had already created an Employee Feedback System, a way for automated feedback management (for live surveys).

New Survey

Based on this system, we developed a new and exciting survey. That’s how leaving feedback doesn’t take up too much valuable time – which is one of the reasons most people give for not taking a survey. Also, employees can leave feedback anonymously if they chose to do so.


With the creation of a dashboard, HRs can now get real-time data and reports if somebody left feedback. More than that, periodic analytics allows valuable insight into the most pressing questions. This helps the persons responsible to rank the needs and actions to improve the company from insight.

As the responses from the employee base contain inputs on how to improve performances, the resulting refinements profits on all sides – not least the recipients of the health products.

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